What Wakes You Screaming?

Love – I found my love and I just married him.

[quote] We are the type to do things our own way. My family and those that know me expected us to run away and elope. We decided to throw a huge party instead. We decided to celebrate with our family and friends. We spent a year creating this event and basically got our PHD in wedding planning
Oh boy, I am so glad I’m getting married once. whew!
It was time and money that we’ll never get back. But It was COMPLETELY worth it and more. The experience was invaluable!
So many times through out the process, we looked at each other and were like
“What the Hell did we get our selves into? Why aren’t we just going to Vegas and doing this?”
But we pushed on and I am so happy we did.
This got me thinking.

What drives people to dream? What makes it all worth it?

There are dreams that I always come back to. They are drivers of my life.
You can see right here on Yogirly.com that I am passionate about being passionate. I have been pursuing becoming a DJ for years for example.
I was a music performance major in college with an emphasis in Saxophone. At some point after shool I started to listen to EDM and techno. I had to figure out how they created that music. For years I researched and toyed with
different ways to learn and experiment. Until finally I found a school last year in Chicago. This was a 10 year process of dreaming and yearning just to learn, and here I am, finally starting classes and preparing to document my journey here at Yogirly.com
It was a dream I could not let go of. Even though I am no where near the expert DJ that I want to be, I am taking action, and taking action makes it feel like I am finally doing it.
Why didn’t I just let it go after all of the years not actually pursue it?
Because of my future self. One way I make decisions about what direction I need to move in involves the future me. I kept feeling the future me regretting NOT trying. It felt devastating. Sometimes it would wake me up in a cold sweat at night.
 The future me screaming out “HOW COULD YOU NOT TRY?!”
Not having the too big Wedding with my husband was a future me scream.
Not being as physically strong and fit as I can personally be was a future me scream.
Not pursuing a freedom lifestyle where I control my everyday was a future me SCREAM!
What does your future you Scream out to you about? What is one dream that you have had for so long that you refuse to give up on?[quote]

Tell me in the comments below. I’d really like to support your future you!




  1. My future self screams:
    For goodness sake, you are good enough, you are a writer, just write, do it now!
    Look, STOP worrying! your message is needed in this world, forget what others think, take action now!
    That dream of traveling the world you have, why are you not doing it? Hey you only live once!
    and… the screaming continues
    Jane recently posted..The most important daily action for your health and inner wellbeingMy Profile

  2. Oh my goodness…I love this. There have been so many times in the past that I heard my future self yelling at me…but I didn’t listen. It is one of those things that I have changed about me in the last few years (why oh why do we wait so long?) and now I tend to talk to future self quite a bit. She is what drives me and keeps me in check, especially when I tend to wander off like I do oh so often.

    Great post…and what a lovely wedding you must have had!
    Kendra recently posted..Before Mr. Right walks in the doorMy Profile

    • It’s very oudtsanting you just read your content regularly, my best mate. When i definitely will focus on your blog site each day together with call at your web log you just read your most up-to-date posts, as you change. Preserve! Hope you have a great morning.

    • I had never heard or garlic scapes before … had to Google them and they sound divine. I was gifted with some hardneck garlic and planted it in April … any idea of when I might see some scapes?Thanks, Deb

  3. Congratulations on your wedding day, Brooklyn! I just love your question; “What wakes you screaming?” I finally started listening to my future screams about two years ago and started planning a business that would give me joy and flexibility. I also had a future scream of finding and marrying my true love which happened almost 2 years ago. Without listening to these future screams, I’m pretty certain that I would still be muddling around in a corporate job and who knows if I ever would have met my current wife.

    My future self is screaming to keep showing up for people and keep serving emerging entrepreneurs in new and exciting ways. It’s also screaming to plan a road trip across the US and Canada with my wife. It’s also screaming to be more adventurous and experiment with living in new places for shorter bursts of time.

    Thanks for asking such a powerful question. This one really got me going! 🙂
    Michael recently posted..Episode 68: Think You’re Too Old To Start Up? – Michaela MurphyMy Profile

  4. Congratulations on your BIG wedding and your BIG dreams Brooklyn!
    I love this question, I’m going to use this more often 🙂
    My future self is screaming to sail around the world on a yacht with my husband and son. It’s screaming to find it’s true purpose in life and then use the skills I’ve discovered to help others do the same. It’s screaming to show all the pessimists in the world what the power of our thoughts can manifest them into reality!

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