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  1. I love this reminder!

    I totally felt this way about Periscope. Awkward and awful. Like no one would EVER tune in and watch me. Now…I have a following and a fan base and I scope at least twice a day.

    And hey, I couldn’t walk the first time that I tried. What would make anything else any different!

  2. Consistent practice is what I teach my Chi Running and Walking clients. Chi Running and Walking is an injury free way to run that is based on the Tai Chi principles of good posture, relaxation and co-operating with the force of gravity to pull you along. It’s a new way of running for most and takes consistent daily practice to master some of the skills but the rewards are amazing. I taught myself Chi Running through consistent practice and I had to undo the habits of bad posture and incorrect form of running style that caused injuries for me. It was hard to overcome these exercise habits but once conquered through teaching my body to move in a different way, I was hooked the ease and pain free way to run. It was a mind over matter and connecting my mind with my body to correct the ingrained habits. Its the only way to self improve and be successful in achieving something.

  3. I’m with Lisa, above! Everything we do in this life – everything that’s worth something – almost always involves some struggle. From the first steps we make to….everything else! There have been plenty of times when first setting up my business that I freaked out and thought ‘I’ll never do this! I’ll never make this work!’ …but then little by little, the struggle gets less and I realised I HAD done it and things were looking good! And then there’s a new plateau to move up from, again requiring a little work and effort. For me, it’s all about looking inwards, checking in with ourselves, digging deep and believing. Great DJing skillz 😉 Keep on keeping on! x

  4. Oh how very true. One of my favorite sayings is “You didn’t know how to ride a bicycle before you rode a bicycle”. It is important to keep on trying new things…it is how we learn. But to keep at it when you think you aren’t good enough…well yea, what a great feeling it is to move past that point. Thanks for the great reminder to keep on trying…

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