Getting Better All The Time

We can never ask for perfection, but we can ask for diligence.

In my last post I mentioned that even though we can see ourselves as not good enough, it is ok. Our standards should be higher then the level we are at in everything we do.


This is the ONLY way to get any better at what we are challenging ourselves with.


In the last post,  I demonstrate  that working consistently at something is the best way to make progress. I posted the demo of me trying to perform a simple DJ scratching skill. It was a struggle, but I finally competed the challenge after MANY attempts.


The video I put into this post is just a few months later. My skills have improved a lot, and even though I know I have a long way to go, I can see that my hard work is starting to look like something substantial.

I am finally learning the base skills that I can build on to achieve mastery. I would not have even gotten this far if I had not put in the practice and been instructed in the proper ways of DJing. Keep this in mind when you are struggling with a plateau or big challenge in your creativity or just trying something new.

I am finally able to see that by pushing past the challenges, I can see that I will be able to keep taking myself to the next levels.


Tell me about a time when you were at the beginning of something but pushed yourself past the struggle to the next level.

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